How to qualify for Advancebet on 1xBet: requirements and eligibility

1xBet offers a unique feature called Advancebet that allows its users to place bets even if they have unsettled bets in their account.​ This feature is popular among bettors as it provides them with more flexibility and opportunities to continue betting.​

Requirements for Advancebet

In order to qualify for Advancebet on 1xBet٫ users need to meet certain requirements.​ These requirements include⁚

  1. Active Bets⁚ Users must have at least one unsettled bet in their account to be eligible for Advancebet.​ This means that all previous bets must be in a pending state, and the outcomes are yet to be determined.​
  2. Potential Winnings⁚ The potential winnings from the unsettled bets must be higher than the amount of the Advancebet.​ The Advancebet amount is calculated based on the potential winnings of the unsettled bets.​
  3. Account Balance⁚ The user’s account balance must be zero or negative. If the account balance is positive, the user will not be eligible for Advancebet.
  4. Account Verification⁚ Users need to have a verified account on 1xBet in order to qualify for Advancebet.​ This includes verifying their email address and providing any necessary identification documents.​

How to Check if You Qualify

To check if you are eligible for Advancebet on 1xBet, you can follow these simple steps⁚

  1. Log in to your 1xBet account.​
  2. Click on the “My Account” tab.​
  3. Go to the “Advancebet” section.​
  4. You will see the amount of Advancebet that you are eligible for, if any.

Using Advancebet

If you qualify for Advancebet on 1xBet, you can use this feature to place bets even if you have insufficient funds in your account. The Advancebet amount will be deducted from your potential winnings from the unsettled bets.​ If your unsettled bets are successful, the Advancebet amount will be refunded to your account.​

It is important to note that Advancebet can only be used for live events or events that will start within 48 hours.​ The available Advancebet amount will be displayed on the betting slip when you place your bet.

Qualifying for Advancebet on 1xBet provides users with the opportunity to continue betting even if they have unsettled bets in their account.​ By meeting the requirements and following the instructions provided, users can easily check if they are eligible for Advancebet and take advantage of this feature.​

Remember to always read the terms and conditions associated with Advancebet and ensure that you understand how the feature works before using it.

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